Why Was the Royale High Discord Server Deleted?


Angela Bailey

Why Was the Royale High Discord Server Deleted?

Discord servers have become an integral part of many online communities, providing a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and interact. One such popular server was the Royale High Discord Server, which garnered a large following of players who were passionate about the game.

The Rise of the Royale High Discord Server

The Royale High Discord Server started off as a small community where players could discuss their experiences, share tips and tricks, and socialize with fellow players. As the game gained popularity, so did the server, attracting more and more members.

With its growing community, the server became a hub for players to find friends to play with, trade items, and participate in events. It provided a space for players to express their creativity by showcasing their outfits and designs. The server also had dedicated channels for roleplaying and sharing fan art.

The Controversy Surrounding the Server

However, despite its positive aspects, the Royale High Discord Server faced its fair share of controversies. One major issue was the prevalence of toxic behavior within the community. Some members engaged in cyberbullying or harassment, creating an unsafe environment for others.

The server moderators tried their best to address these issues by implementing rules and guidelines. They actively monitored chats and took action against those who violated them. However, managing such a large community proved to be challenging.

The Final Straw: Reason for Deletion

Ultimately, it was this challenge that led to the deletion of the Royale High Discord Server. The toxic behavior became too difficult to control effectively, jeopardizing the well-being of its members. The server administrators made the difficult decision to delete it in order to protect users from further harm.

It’s important to note that the deletion of the server does not reflect on the game itself. Royale High, developed by callmehbob, continues to be a popular and well-loved game within the Roblox community.

Moving Forward

The deletion of the Royale High Discord Server served as a wake-up call for both players and server administrators. It highlighted the importance of maintaining a safe and inclusive environment within online communities.

The incident prompted discussions about improving moderation strategies, implementing better reporting systems, and fostering a more positive atmosphere. Many players expressed their support for stricter rules and consequences for toxic behavior.


Although the Royale High Discord Server may no longer exist, its impact on the community should not be overlooked. It served as a platform for players to connect and share their love for the game. However, its deletion was necessary to address the toxic behavior that was present.

As we move forward, it is crucial that we learn from this experience and work towards creating safer communities in online gaming. By fostering an atmosphere of respect and inclusivity, we can ensure that everyone can enjoy their favorite games without fear of harassment or harm.

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