Why Did the Royale High Discord Server Get Deleted?


Scott Campbell

Why Did the Royale High Discord Server Get Deleted?

Royale High is a popular role-playing game within the Roblox platform, loved by millions of players worldwide. The game allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual high school experience, complete with classes, socializing, and even fashion shows. Like many other popular games, Royale High had an official Discord server where players could connect with each other, share tips and tricks, and engage in discussions about the game.

The Rise of the Royale High Discord Server

The Royale High Discord server started off as a small community primarily created for fans to interact with each other. However, as the popularity of the game grew exponentially, so did the server. It quickly became a bustling hub of activity where players could find help for completing quests, discover new friends to play with, and participate in exciting events organized by the server moderators.

Controversies Surrounding the Server

Unfortunately, despite its initial success and positive intentions, the Royale High Discord server became entangled in several controversies over time. These controversies ultimately led to its deletion.

Bullying and Toxicity

As with any online community, there were instances of bullying and toxic behavior within the Royale High Discord server. Some users took advantage of their anonymity to harass or belittle others. This behavior went against the core values of inclusivity and kindness that the developers of both Roblox and Royale High promote.

  • Bold Text: To combat this issue, moderators implemented stricter rules and guidelines regarding proper conduct within the server. However, despite their efforts to maintain a friendly environment for all users, instances of bullying persisted.
  • Underlined Text: In extreme cases where users reported severe harassment or threats, moderators would take action by temporarily banning or permanently removing the offenders from the server.

Scamming and Exploitation

Another significant issue that plagued the Royale High Discord server was scamming and exploitation. Some users would attempt to trick fellow players into giving away valuable in-game items or currency. They would use manipulative tactics, such as promising rare items in exchange for personal information or other unfair trades.

To address this problem, moderators constantly reminded users to be cautious and avoid engaging in suspicious activities. They urged players to report any instances of scamming or exploitation so that appropriate action could be taken against the offenders.

The Decision to Delete the Server

Despite numerous efforts to maintain a safe and positive environment within the Royale High Discord server, the controversies surrounding it became overwhelming. The server’s management team, in consultation with Roblox administrators, made the difficult decision to delete the server permanently.

This decision was not taken lightly but was seen as necessary to protect users from further harm and prevent additional instances of bullying, toxicity, scamming, and exploitation. The developers of Royale High also expressed their commitment to creating a safer space for players by exploring alternative platforms for community engagement.

Moving Forward

The deletion of the Royale High Discord server served as a wake-up call for both players and moderators alike. It highlighted the importance of promoting kindness and respect within gaming communities. Developers have since implemented stricter moderation policies and increased resources for reporting inappropriate behavior.

While it is unfortunate that a once-thriving community had to be disbanded due to negative elements, it is crucial that lessons are learned from this experience. The hope is that future iterations of community spaces will foster an inclusive and enjoyable environment for all players.

In conclusion, the deletion of the Royale High Discord server was a result of ongoing issues with bullying, toxicity, scamming, and exploitation. It serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining positive and respectful communities within online gaming platforms.

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