Which Three Type of Activities Can You Run in Microsoft Azure Data Factory?


Heather Bennett

In Microsoft Azure Data Factory, you can run various types of activities to orchestrate and automate your data workflows. These activities are the building blocks of your data pipelines and allow you to perform different operations on your data. Let’s explore the three main types of activities that you can run in Azure Data Factory:

Data Movement Activities:

Data movement activities in Azure Data Factory enable you to efficiently move data from one location to another. Whether it’s copying files from an on-premises server to Azure Blob Storage or transferring data between two cloud services, these activities provide a seamless way to handle your data movement needs. You can use the Copy Activity to replicate data across different storage systems, databases, or file formats.

Data Transformation Activities:

Data transformation activities allow you to process and transform your data as it flows through your pipelines. With these activities, you can apply various transformations such as filtering, aggregating, mapping columns, adding derived columns, and more. The Mapping Data Flow activity is a powerful tool that provides a visual interface for designing complex ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes without writing any code.

Data Control Activities:

Data control activities help you manage the control flow of your pipelines and orchestrate the execution of other activities. These activities allow you to perform tasks such as branching based on conditions, looping over a set of activities, waiting for specific events or time intervals, and executing stored procedures. The If Condition and ForEach activities are commonly used for implementing conditional logic and iterative operations within your pipelines.


Azure Data Factory offers three main types of activities: data movement, data transformation, and data control. By using these activities effectively, you can automate your data workflows and perform various operations on your data. Whether you need to move data between different storage systems, transform it to meet your business requirements, or control the flow of your pipelines, Azure Data Factory has got you covered!

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