Which Scripting Language Are Supported by MS Expression Web?


Heather Bennett

MS Expression Web is a powerful web development tool that supports various scripting languages. These scripting languages enable developers to add dynamic functionality to their websites and create interactive user experiences. In this article, we will explore the scripting languages supported by MS Expression Web and understand their unique features and benefits.

1. JavaScript:

JavaScript is a widely used client-side scripting language that allows you to add interactivity and behavior to your web pages.

With MS Expression Web, you can easily incorporate JavaScript code into your projects. Whether you want to validate form inputs, create dynamic content, or handle events, JavaScript provides the necessary tools and functionalities.

2. VBA (Visual Basic for Applications):

VBA is a powerful programming language that allows you to automate tasks and customize applications.

Although primarily used in Microsoft Office applications, MS Expression Web also supports VBA scripting. You can leverage VBA to extend the functionality of your website by integrating with other Microsoft Office products or performing complex data manipulations.

3. PHP:

PHP is a server-side scripting language that enables you to build dynamic websites and web applications.

MS Expression Web offers support for PHP, allowing you to seamlessly integrate PHP code into your projects. With PHP, you can easily interact with databases, handle form submissions, process data, and generate dynamic content on the server-side.


ASP.NET is a popular server-side framework developed by Microsoft for building robust web applications.

MS Expression Web fully supports ASP.NET and provides a user-friendly environment for developing ASP.NET applications. With ASP.NET, you can create powerful websites with features like database connectivity, user authentication, caching, and more.

5. HTML:

Although not a scripting language, HTML plays a crucial role in web development.

MS Expression Web has extensive support for HTML, allowing you to create and edit HTML documents effortlessly. You can use HTML tags and attributes to structure the content, define styles, embed media, and create hyperlinks.

Additional Tips:

  • Use the right scripting language for the task: Each scripting language has its own strengths and best use cases. Consider the requirements of your project and choose the appropriate scripting language accordingly.
  • Stay updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest features and updates in each scripting language.

    This will help you leverage new functionalities and improve your development process.

  • Experiment and learn: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different scripting languages. Learning new languages will broaden your skillset and open up new possibilities for your web development projects.

In conclusion, MS Expression Web supports a range of scripting languages including JavaScript, VBA, PHP, ASP.NET, and HTML. Each language provides unique capabilities that can enhance your web development process. By understanding these languages and their applications, you can create dynamic websites that cater to your specific needs.

Remember to always choose the right scripting language based on your project requirements and keep exploring new technologies to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of web development!

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