Which Query Parameter Specifies the Type of Data in Apigee?


Scott Campbell

The query parameter that specifies the type of data in Apigee is Accept. This parameter is used to indicate the media type or format that the client expects the server to return in the response. It plays a crucial role in ensuring interoperability between different systems by allowing them to communicate effectively.

When making a request to an API, you can include the Accept query parameter to specify the expected response format. This helps the server understand how it should format and structure its response. The value of the Accept parameter is typically expressed using MIME types.

For example, if you want to request a JSON response, you would include the following query parameter: ?Accept=application/json. This tells the server that you expect a response in JSON format. Similarly, if you prefer XML, you can use ?Accept=application/xml.

It’s important to note that not all APIs support every possible media type. The API documentation should specify which formats are supported for each endpoint. If you don’t specify an Accept query parameter, the API may default to a certain format or return an error.

Using proper data types in API requests and responses ensures that both clients and servers can understand and process data correctly. It also allows for better error handling and content negotiation between different systems.

Let’s say we have an API endpoint that retrieves information about a user’s profile. To request this information in JSON format, we would construct our URL as follows:


This tells the server that we want a JSON response containing user profile data. The server will then process our request accordingly and return the requested data in JSON format.

List of Commonly Used Media Types:

  • application/json: Used for JSON data.
  • application/xml: Used for XML data.
  • text/plain: Used for plain text data.
  • text/html: Used for HTML data.
  • image/png: Used for PNG image data.
  • image/jpeg: Used for JPEG image data.

Using the correct media type is essential for proper communication between clients and servers. It ensures that the requested data is returned in the expected format, allowing applications to parse and process it accurately.


  • Always check the API documentation to determine which media types are supported by a particular endpoint.
  • Include the Accept query parameter in your requests to specify the desired response format.
  • If you don’t specify an Accept query parameter, the server may default to a certain format or return an error.
  • If the server doesn’t support the requested media type, it may return an error or respond with a different format.

In conclusion, the Accept query parameter is used to specify the type of data that a client expects in the response from an API. It allows for proper content negotiation between clients and servers and ensures that data is returned in a format that can be understood and processed correctly. Using this parameter correctly is crucial for effective communication and interoperability between different systems.

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