Which of the Following Is Not a Primitive Data Type McQ?


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Which of the Following Is Not a Primitive Data Type McQ?

In programming, data types are used to define and categorize different types of data that can be used in a program. There are several primitive data types available in most programming languages, including integers, floating-point numbers, characters, booleans, and others. These data types are considered ‘primitive’ because they are built-in and provided by the language itself.

Multiple Choice Question

Let’s test your knowledge with a multiple-choice question! Choose the correct answer from the following options:

  • A. String
  • B. Integer
  • C. Boolean
  • D. Array


The correct answer is option D – Array.

An array is not considered a primitive data type because it is a collection of elements rather than a single value. Arrays allow you to store multiple values of the same type in a sequential manner. They provide an efficient way to manage large sets of related data in programming.

On the other hand, string, integer, and boolean are all examples of primitive data types:

  • String: A string is used to represent textual data. It consists of a sequence of characters enclosed within quotation marks.
  • Integer: An integer represents whole numbers without any decimal places.

    It can be positive or negative.

  • Boolean: A boolean represents two possible states: true or false. It is commonly used for logical operations and conditional statements.

Understanding the different data types and their characteristics is essential for writing efficient and bug-free code. By knowing which data type to use in a specific situation, you can optimize your code’s performance and ensure proper data handling.


In this article, we discussed the question, ‘Which of the Following Is Not a Primitive Data Type McQ?’ The correct answer is option D – Array. We also briefly explained the concepts of primitive data types such as string, integer, and boolean.

Remember to always consider the appropriate data type for your variables and structures in programming. Using the correct data type will lead to more efficient and maintainable code.

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