Which Module in Express Would You Require to Check Data Inputted in Forms Is of Correct Data Type?


Heather Bennett

In Express, there are several modules that can be used to validate and check the data inputted in forms. However, when it comes to verifying the correct data type, one particular module stands out – the express-validator module. This powerful module provides a simple and efficient way to validate data in your Express application.

To get started with express-validator, you first need to install it by running the following command in your terminal:

npm install express-validator

Once installed, you can require the module in your Express application like this:

const { body, validationResult } = require(‘express-validator’);

The body function from express-validator is particularly useful for validating form input. It allows you to check if the data entered in a form field is of the correct data type.

To use body, you simply chain it after your route handler function. For example:

app.post(‘/submit’, [
], (req, res) => {
// Handle form submission

In this example, we are checking if the ‘name’ field is a string and if the ‘age’ field is numeric. If any of these validations fail, an error will be added to an array of errors.

Now that we have defined our validations, we need to handle these errors and provide feedback to the user. To do this, we can use the validationResult function provided by express-validator.

Here’s an example of how we can use validationResult:

], (req, res) => {
const errors = validationResult(req);

if (!errors.isEmpty()) {
// Handle validation errors
res.render(‘form’, { errors: errors.array() });
} else {
// Proceed with form submission

In this example, we check if there are any validation errors using the isEmpty() function. If there are errors, we render the ‘form’ template and pass the errors.array() to display the error messages to the user.

By using the express-validator module, you can easily validate form input data types in your Express application. This not only ensures that your application receives valid data but also provides a better user experience by giving immediate feedback on incorrect data types.

In summary, to check if data inputted in forms is of correct data type in Express, you can use the express-validator module along with the body function and validationResult. This combination allows you to define validations for each form field and handle any validation errors that may occur. With proper implementation of these modules, you can create robust and reliable form validations in your Express application.

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