Which Is the Valid Data Type in Blue Prism?


Heather Bennett

When working with Blue Prism, it is important to understand the different data types that can be used. These data types determine the kind of information that can be stored and manipulated within the Blue Prism platform. In this article, we will explore the various data types in Blue Prism and discuss their validity and usage.

Text Data Type:

The Text data type is used to store alphanumeric characters, such as names, addresses, or any other textual information. It is important to note that the Text data type has a maximum length of 255 characters.

Number Data Type:

The Number data type is used to store numerical values. This includes integers, decimals, or any other numeric representation. The Number data type can handle both positive and negative numbers.

Date/Time Data Type:

The Date/Time data type is used to store dates and times. This includes specific dates, time durations, or any other time-related information. The Date/Time data type allows for calculations and comparisons between different dates and times.

Currency Data Type:

The Currency data type is used to store monetary values. This ensures that accurate calculations are performed when working with financial information. The Currency data type supports decimal places for precision.

Boolean Data Type:

The Boolean data type is used to store true/false values. It represents binary states such as on/off or yes/no. The Boolean data type is commonly used in decision-making processes within Blue Prism.

List Data Type:

The List data type allows you to create a collection of related values. Lists can contain elements of any other data type, such as Text, Number, Date/Time, Currency, or even other Lists. They are useful for grouping and organizing data.

Collection Data Type:

The Collection data type is a more advanced version of the List data type. It allows you to create a structured collection of related values with defined properties. Collections can contain elements of any data type and are commonly used for complex data structures.


In conclusion, Blue Prism provides various valid data types that are essential for storing and manipulating different kinds of information. Understanding these data types is crucial for building efficient and reliable processes within the Blue Prism platform. Whether you need to store text, numbers, dates, or even create collections or lists, Blue Prism has the appropriate data type to suit your needs.

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