Which Is the Convert Data Type in SQL?


Angela Bailey

Which Is the Convert Data Type in SQL?

In SQL, the CONVERT function is used to change the data type of a value. It allows you to convert a value from one data type to another, enabling you to perform various operations and comparisons on the data.


The syntax for using the CONVERT function in SQL is as follows:

  • CONVERT(data_type, expression)

Data Types:

SQL supports a wide range of data types that can be used with the CONVERT function. Some commonly used data types include:

  • VARCHAR: Variable-length character string.
  • INT: Integer value.
  • FLOAT: Floating-point number.
  • DATE: Date value.
  • BOOLEAN: Boolean value (True/False).

Example Usage:

To illustrate how the CONVERT function works, consider the following example:


In this example, we are converting an integer value (123) to a varchar data type. The result of this conversion will be ‘123’, where the number is now represented as a character string.


The converted value will adopt the format and characteristics of the specified data type. It’s important to ensure that the converted value aligns with your intended use or storage requirements.


The CONVERT function in SQL is a powerful tool that allows you to change the data type of a value. By utilizing this function, you can manipulate and compare data across different data types, providing flexibility and efficiency in your SQL queries.

Remember to carefully consider the desired data type and its implications before performing any conversions. This will help ensure accurate and meaningful results in your SQL operations.

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