Which Is Not Valid Data Type in JavaScript?


Angela Bailey

Which Is Not Valid Data Type in JavaScript?

JavaScript is a versatile programming language that supports various data types. These data types are essential for storing and manipulating different kinds of information in your code. However, it’s important to be aware of the limitations and restrictions that come with these data types.

Primitive Data Types

JavaScript has six primitive data types:

  • String: Used for representing textual data. It is enclosed in single or double quotes.
  • Number: Used for representing numeric values, including integers and floating-point numbers.
  • Boolean: Represents a logical value, either true or false.
  • Null: Represents the intentional absence of any object value.
  • Undefined: Denotes a variable that has been declared but hasn’t been assigned a value yet.
  • Symbol: A relatively new addition to JavaScript, symbols are unique and immutable values used as object keys.

Complex Data Types

In addition to the primitive data types, JavaScript also has complex or reference data types:

  • Object: A collection of key-value pairs, allowing you to store various properties and methods.
  • Array: An ordered list of values, typically used for storing multiple items under a single variable name.
  • Date: Represents dates and times in JavaScript, providing methods for working with dates efficiently.
  • MisstypeDataTypeHere: This is not a valid data type in JavaScript. The correct spelling is MistypeDataTypeHere. Remember, JavaScript is case-sensitive, so even a small typo can lead to errors.
  • Function: A callable object that performs a specific task when invoked.
  • RegExp: Used for pattern matching with strings, providing powerful search and replace functionality.


In summary, JavaScript offers a wide range of data types for handling different kinds of information. It’s crucial to be aware of these data types and their proper usage to write effective and error-free code. Remember to double-check your spelling and syntax when working with JavaScript data types to avoid any unnecessary bugs or issues.

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