Which Is Not a Numeric Data Type?


Heather Bennett

Which Is Not a Numeric Data Type?

In programming, data types are used to categorize different types of data that can be stored and manipulated by a program. Numeric data types are used to represent numbers in various forms, such as integers or floating-point numbers.

However, not all data types associated with numbers are considered numeric data types. In this article, we will explore which data type is not considered numeric.

The Numeric Data Types

Before we dive into the non-numeric data type, let’s first understand the numeric data types that exist.

1. Integer:

An integer is a whole number without any decimal places. It can be positive or negative.

2. Floating-Point:

Floating-point numbers are numbers that contain decimal places. They can also be positive or negative.

  • Single Precision: Single precision floating-point numbers occupy 32 bits of memory and provide approximate accuracy for most applications.
  • Double Precision: Double precision floating-point numbers occupy 64 bits of memory and offer higher precision compared to single precision.

The Non-Numeric Data Type

The non-numeric data type that is not considered a numeric data type is the String.


A string is a sequence of characters enclosed within quotation marks (single or double). It represents textual information rather than numeric values.

Note: The term “string” is often used interchangeably with “text” in programming languages.

In most programming languages, strings are treated as arrays of characters, allowing for various operations to manipulate and analyze text-based data.


In conclusion, the non-numeric data type that is not considered a numeric data type is the String. While integers and floating-point numbers represent numerical values, strings represent textual information. Understanding the different data types available in programming is crucial for effectively storing, manipulating, and processing data in any given program.

By now, you should have a clear understanding of which data type is not considered a numeric data type. Remember to always choose the appropriate data type based on the nature of the data you are working with to ensure accurate and efficient program execution.

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