Which Is Known as Non-Linear Data Structure?


Larry Thompson

In computer science, data structures are used to organize and store data in a way that allows efficient access and manipulation. One important classification of data structures is based on their ability to represent relationships between elements.

Linear data structures, such as arrays and linked lists, organize data in a sequential manner. On the other hand, non-linear data structures represent relationships between elements in a non-sequential manner.

Non-Linear Data Structures

Non-linear data structures are widely used in various applications where the relationships between elements are not strictly sequential. These structures allow for more flexible organization of data and efficient representation of complex relationships.


Trees are one of the most commonly used non-linear data structures. They consist of nodes that are connected by edges to represent hierarchical relationships. The topmost node is called the root node, and each node can have zero or more child nodes.


           / \
          B   C
         /     \
        D       E
       / \     / \
      F   G   H   I

Trees have many applications, such as representing file systems, organizing hierarchical data, and implementing search algorithms like binary search trees.


Graphs are another important non-linear data structure that represents relationships between elements. Unlike trees, graphs do not have a strict hierarchical structure. Instead, they consist of vertices (nodes) connected by edges.


       A -- B -- C
      / \    |    | 

Graphs can be directed or undirected depending on whether the edges have a specific direction associated with them. They are widely used in various applications, including social networks, transportation systems, and network routing algorithms.

Hash Tables

Hash tables are a non-linear data structure that provides efficient access and retrieval of data. They use a technique called hashing to map keys to values. The keys are hashed using a hash function, which determines the index of the corresponding value in the underlying array.


    Index   |   Value
      0     |    A
      1     |    B
      2     |    C
      3     |    D

Hash tables are commonly used in applications that require fast lookup operations, such as database indexing and caching.


In conclusion, non-linear data structures play a crucial role in computer science and software development. Trees, graphs, and hash tables provide efficient ways to represent complex relationships between elements. Understanding these structures is essential for designing efficient algorithms and data storage systems.

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