Which Is Enumerated Data Type?


Scott Campbell

Which Is Enumerated Data Type?

An enumerated data type, also known as an enum, is a user-defined data type in programming languages that represents a set of named values. It allows you to define a variable that can only take on one of the pre-defined values within the enumeration.

Why Use Enumerated Data Types?

Enumerated data types provide several benefits:

  • Readability: Enums improve code readability by providing meaningful names for values instead of using arbitrary numbers or strings.
  • Type Safety: By limiting the variable to the defined set of values, enums help catch potential errors at compile time and prevent invalid assignments.
  • Code Organization: Enums help organize code by grouping related constants together. This makes the code easier to understand and maintain.

Defining an Enum

In most programming languages, you can define an enum using the following syntax:

enum Name {

The Name is the identifier for the enum, and Value1, Value2, etc., are the individual named values within the enum.


enum DaysOfWeek {

In this example, we have defined an enum called DaysOfWeek, which represents the days of the week as named values. Now, we can create variables of type DaysOfWeek and assign them one of the defined values.

Using Enumerated Data Types

Once you have defined an enum, you can use it in your code to create variables of that enum type:

DaysOfWeek today = DaysOfWeek.Monday;

In this case, we have created a variable called today of type DaysOfWeek and assigned it the value Monday.

You can also compare enum values using logical operators:

if (today == DaysOfWeek.Saturday || today == DaysOfWeek.Sunday) {
    console.log("It's the weekend!");
} else {
    console.log("It's a weekday.");

This code snippet checks if the value of today is either Saturday or Sunday, and prints the corresponding message.


In summary, an enumerated data type provides a way to define a set of named values in programming languages. It offers advantages such as improved readability, type safety, and code organization. By understanding how to define and use enums, you can enhance your coding skills and write more efficient and maintainable programs.

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