Which Data Type Is Used for Decimal Numbers Python?


Angela Bailey

Python provides several data types to handle decimal numbers. In this article, we will explore the different data types available in Python to represent decimal numbers and understand their characteristics.

1. int

The int data type in Python represents whole numbers without any decimal points.

It is suitable for situations where decimal precision is not required. However, when using the int data type, any fractional part of a number will be truncated.

2. float

The float data type in Python is used to represent decimal numbers.

It provides a way to store numbers with a fractional part. Floats are versatile and commonly used for scientific calculations, financial calculations, and other scenarios where precision is required.


x = 3.14159

This code will output:


3. Decimal

The decimal module in Python provides an additional data type called Decimal. The Decimal data type is used for more precise decimal calculations compared to the float data type.

The Decimal objects have a user-defined precision and can store numbers with high precision, making them suitable for financial applications or situations where exact decimal representation is essential.


from decimal import Decimal

x = Decimal('0.1')
y = Decimal('0.2')

print(x + y)

This code will output:


4. Fraction

The fractions module in Python provides a Fraction data type. Fractions are used to represent rational numbers as exact fractions.

With fractions, you can precisely represent numbers like 1/3 or 2/7 without any loss of precision that might occur with floats.


from fractions import Fraction

x = Fraction(1, 3)
y = Fraction(2, 7)

print(x + y)

This code will output:



In Python, there are multiple data types available for representing decimal numbers. The choice of data type depends on the specific requirements of your program.

If you need precise decimal calculations, consider using the Decimal or Fraction data types. Otherwise, the float data type is generally sufficient for most applications.

Remember to select the appropriate data type based on the precision and characteristics needed for your calculations to avoid any unexpected results.

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