Which Data Type Is Number Data Type?


Scott Campbell

The number data type is one of the fundamental data types in programming. It represents numerical values and allows for mathematical operations to be performed on these values.

In HTML, the number data type is not explicitly defined like in other programming languages such as JavaScript or Python. However, HTML does provide various elements and attributes that can be used to work with numbers or display them in a visually engaging manner.

HTML Attributes for Number Input:
When it comes to inputting numbers in HTML forms, you can use the element with the type attribute set to “number”. This restricts the input field to only accept numeric values.


In this example, the input field will only accept numbers between 0 and 100.

Displaying Numbers:
To display numbers in HTML, you can simply use the

tag or any other appropriate tag depending on your content structure. However, if you want to add additional styling or formatting to your displayed number, you can use CSS styles or specific HTML elements.

Bold Text:
To make a number stand out within a paragraph or any other text element, you can use the tag. For example,

The value of pi is approximately 3.14159.

Underlined Text:
If you want to emphasize a number by underlining it, you can use the tag. For instance,

The answer is 42.

List of Numbers:
When presenting a list of numbers, you can use the

    (unordered list) and

  • (list item) tags for better organization and readability. Here’s an example:
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3

    This will display a bulleted list of numbers:

    – 1
    – 2
    – 3


    Although HTML does not have a specific data type for numbers, you can still work with numbers and display them in visually engaging ways. By using the appropriate HTML elements and styling techniques, you can make your numeric content more organized, readable, and visually appealing. Remember to use the tag for bold text, the tag for underlined text, and the


    • tags for lists.