Which Data Type Holds 255 Characters?


Scott Campbell

When working with data in programming, it is important to choose the appropriate data type to ensure optimal storage and retrieval. In this article, we will explore the data type that can hold up to 255 characters.

The Data Type: VARCHAR

One commonly used data type that can hold up to 255 characters is the VARCHAR (variable character) data type. The VARCHAR data type is used to store alphanumeric characters, such as letters and numbers, in a database.

The VARCHAR data type provides flexibility for storing variable-length strings. This means that the actual length of the stored string can vary, up to the maximum length defined for the column.

To declare a column with a VARCHAR data type and a maximum length of 255 characters, you can use the following syntax:

CREATE TABLE table_name (
    column_name VARCHAR(255)

Note: The number specified in parentheses after VARCHAR indicates the maximum length of the string that can be stored in that column.

Example Usage:

Let’s consider an example where we have a table named “users” with two columns: “id” and “name”. If we want to store names of users, we can define the “name” column as VARCHAR(255).

    id INT,
    name VARCHAR(255)

Character Limit Considerations

Although VARCHAR(255) allows for storing strings up to 255 characters long, it is important to note that not all database systems treat this limit in the same way. Some databases may impose stricter limits depending on their configuration or version.

If you need to store longer strings, you may need to consider alternative data types, such as TEXT or CLOB, which can handle larger amounts of text.


The VARCHAR data type is a commonly used data type for storing variable-length strings in a database. With a maximum length of 255 characters, it provides flexibility for storing alphanumeric data efficiently.

Remember to always consider your specific requirements and the limitations of your database system when choosing the appropriate data type for your needs.

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