Which Data Type Fields Can Be Made Smart Using X-Author Functionality?


Larry Thompson

In this article, we will explore the X-Author functionality and discuss which data type fields can be made smart using this powerful feature.

What is X-Author?

X-Author is a functionality introduced in HTML that allows developers to create interactive and dynamic web pages. With X-Author, you can enhance user experience by making certain data type fields responsive and intelligent.

Smart Data Type Fields

Let’s take a look at the different data type fields that can be made smart using X-Author:

  • Text Fields:
  • Text fields are commonly used to enter textual information. With X-Author, you can add intelligence to these fields by implementing auto-suggestions, validation rules, and real-time character count.

  • Numeric Fields:
  • Numeric fields are used for entering numeric values such as age, quantity, or price. By leveraging X-Author functionality, you can apply calculations in real-time, perform validation checks for minimum and maximum values, and even enable range sliders for user-friendly input.

  • Date Fields:
  • Date fields are used to capture dates or date ranges. With X-Author, you can implement date pickers that allow users to select dates from a calendar view.

    Additionally, you can add logic to calculate durations between two dates or restrict the selection based on custom business rules.

  • Dropdown Fields:
  • Dropdown fields provide users with a list of options to choose from. Using X-Author, you can make these dropdowns dynamic by populating them with data from external sources or by creating cascading dropdowns where the options change based on a previous selection.

  • Checkbox Fields:
  • Checkbox fields allow users to select multiple options. With X-Author, you can add logic to enable or disable specific checkboxes based on certain conditions. This helps in creating intelligent forms that adapt to user input.

  • Radio Button Fields:
  • Radio button fields are used when only one option can be selected from a list. By leveraging X-Author, you can implement conditional visibility where certain radio buttons only appear based on the user’s previous selections.


X-Author functionality provides developers with the ability to create smart data type fields that enhance the user experience and make web pages more interactive. By incorporating this functionality into text fields, numeric fields, date fields, dropdown fields, checkbox fields, and radio button fields, you can create dynamic forms that adapt to user input and provide a seamless user experience.

Start exploring X-Author today and take your web development skills to the next level!

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