Where Is Discord Server Code?


Scott Campbell

Discord has become an incredibly popular platform for communication among gamers, communities, and even businesses. It offers a wide range of features and allows users to create their own servers for specific purposes.

But have you ever wondered where the Discord server code is located? In this article, we will explore this question in-depth and provide you with the answers you seek.

What is a Discord Server Code?

Before we dive into the location of the server code, let’s first understand what exactly a Discord server code is. A Discord server code is a unique identifier assigned to each server created on the platform. This code allows users to join specific servers by simply entering the code in their Discord application.

Finding Your Server Code

If you are the owner or administrator of a Discord server and need to find its code, it’s actually quite simple. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open your Discord application: Launch the Discord application on your device.
  2. Select your server: From the left-hand sidebar, choose the server you want to find the code for.
  3. Open Server Settings: At the top-left corner of your screen, click on the server name to open a drop-down menu. From that menu, select “Server Settings”.
  4. Navigate to “Invite People”: In the left-hand sidebar of your Server Settings page, click on “Invite People”.

    This will open up a new window.

  5. Find and copy your Server Code: In this new window, you will see an invite link with your server’s code at the end. The server code is typically displayed as a combination of letters and numbers after the last forward slash (/). To copy the code, simply click on the “Copy” button next to it.

And that’s it! You have successfully found your Discord server code. You can now share it with others, allowing them to join your server with ease.

Joining a Discord Server Using a Code

If you are interested in joining a Discord server using a server code, you will need an invitation link that includes the code. Here’s how you can join a Discord server using a code:

  1. Open your Discord application: Launch the Discord application on your device.
  2. Click on the “+” icon: On the left-hand sidebar, look for the “+” icon located at the bottom. Click on it.
  3. Select “Join a Server”: A pop-up window will appear with several options.

    Choose “Join a Server”.

  4. Paste or enter the Server Code: In the next window, you will be prompted to enter or paste the server code. Do so and click on “Join”.
  5. Verify if necessary: Depending on the server’s settings, you may need to complete additional steps such as verifying your account or accepting certain terms and conditions.
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully joined a Discord server using its unique server code.

In Conclusion

The location of Discord server codes is within each individual server’s settings. As an owner or administrator, you can easily find and share your server code by following a few simple steps. And as someone looking to join a specific server, you can easily do so by using an invitation link that includes the server code.

Discord has made it incredibly convenient for users to create and join servers with its unique server code system. So whether you’re starting a new community or joining an existing one, understanding how to find and use server codes is essential.

Remember, the next time you need to find a Discord server code, simply follow the steps outlined above. Happy chatting!

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