Where Can I Find Discord Server Templates?


Angela Bailey

Where Can I Find Discord Server Templates?

Discord server templates are a fantastic way to jumpstart your own server by providing pre-made designs and settings. Whether you’re new to Discord or an experienced user, using templates can save you time and effort in creating a server from scratch. In this article, we will explore various platforms where you can find a wide range of Discord server templates to suit your needs.

1. Discord Template Websites

If you’re looking for a curated collection of Discord server templates, there are several websites dedicated to providing just that. These websites allow users to browse and download templates created by the community or submit their own for others to use.

Some popular Discord template websites include:

These platforms offer a wide range of categories and tags, allowing you to easily find the right template for your server’s theme or purpose. Additionally, most websites provide previews and ratings for each template, ensuring that you can make an informed decision before downloading.

2. Discord Servers and Communities

Another great way to find Discord server templates is by joining various servers and communities dedicated to sharing templates. These servers often have dedicated channels where users can share their own creations or discuss existing ones.

If you already have a specific theme in mind for your server, consider joining related communities or fan clubs on platforms like Reddit or other forums. Here, users may share templates specifically tailored to that theme or interest.

3. Discord Template Bots

Discord bots are a powerful tool that can automate various tasks within your server, including template management. Some bots, like DISBOARD, allow you to browse and preview server templates directly within Discord.

By using these bots, you can easily find templates and apply them to your server with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can filter templates based on categories, tags, or popularity, making it even easier to find the perfect fit.

4. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram can also be excellent sources for finding Discord server templates. Many content creators and influencers often share their own server designs or collaborate with others to create unique templates.

By following relevant hashtags or accounts related to Discord servers, you can stay updated with the latest template releases and trends. Additionally, engaging with the community by commenting and sharing your own experiences may lead to discovering hidden gems or exclusive templates.


Finding Discord server templates is now easier than ever thanks to dedicated websites, communities, bots, and social media platforms. Exploring these different sources will provide you with a wide range of options for creating an engaging and personalized server.

Remember: While using pre-made templates is a great starting point for your Discord server, don’t forget to customize them according to your specific needs and preferences. Templates are meant to be a foundation that you can build upon and make your own!

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