What’s the Largest Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

The world of Discord is vast and diverse, with millions of users connecting and communicating through various servers. Among these servers, one question often arises – what is the largest Discord server? In this article, we will explore the answer to this intriguing question and delve into the fascinating world of massive online communities.

What is Discord?

Before we dive into the topic, let’s briefly understand what Discord is. Discord is a free voice, video, and text communication platform primarily designed for gamers. It allows users to create or join servers where they can interact with others through voice channels, chat rooms, and more.

The Rise of Massive Discord Servers

In recent years, Discord has seen a surge in popularity beyond just gaming communities. People have started using it for various purposes such as art sharing, music communities, study groups, and more. As a result, several massive Discord servers have emerged.

Finding the Largest Server

While it’s challenging to determine the exact largest server on Discord due to constantly changing member counts and privacy settings, there are a few notable contenders that have gained significant attention.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is an esports organization known for its presence in games like Call of Duty and Fortnite. Their official Discord server boasts an impressive member count that has reached over 500,000 at times. It serves as a hub for FaZe Clan fans to connect and engage with each other.

Reddit’s Official Server

Reddit also has its official server on Discord where Redditors can come together to discuss topics they’re passionate about. With thousands of active members at any given time, it provides a sense of community beyond Reddit’s traditional forum-style interaction.

Groovy Bot

Groovy Bot is a popular music-playing bot on Discord that allows users to stream music from various platforms. The Groovy Official server has amassed a massive member count due to its popularity, with tens of thousands of users joining for updates and support.

The Importance of Community

In these massive Discord servers, community plays a vital role. They provide a space for like-minded individuals to connect, share experiences, and build relationships. These communities foster friendships, collaborations, and even professional opportunities.


While it’s difficult to pinpoint the largest Discord server definitively, servers like FaZe Clan, Reddit’s Official Server, and Groovy Bot have all reached remarkable member counts. These colossal communities showcase the power of Discord in bringing people together from all walks of life.

If you’re looking for an engaging and vibrant community on Discord, consider exploring these servers or discovering new ones that align with your interests. Embrace the endless possibilities that await within these virtual spaces!

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