What Web Server Is Running CentOS?


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Have you ever wondered what web server is running on CentOS? In this article, we will explore how to determine the web server being used on a CentOS server. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to CentOS

CentOS is a popular Linux distribution based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It is known for its stability, security, and long-term support. CentOS is widely used for hosting websites and applications.

Why Knowing the Web Server is Important?

Knowing the web server running on your CentOS server can be useful for several reasons:

  • Security: Different web servers have different security features and vulnerabilities. Knowing which web server is running can help you take appropriate security measures.
  • Compatibility: Some web servers support specific technologies or configurations. Knowing the web server can help ensure compatibility with your website or application.
  • Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues with your website or application, knowing the web server can aid in troubleshooting and finding solutions.

Determining the Web Server

There are several ways to determine the web server running on your CentOS server. Here are a few methods:

1. Checking HTTP Response Headers

The HTTP response headers sent by the web server often contain information about the server software being used. To check these headers, you can use various tools such as cURL or browser developer tools.

To check using cURL, open a terminal and run the following command:

curl -I http://yourwebsite.com

This command will display the HTTP response headers, including the server software.

2. Using Online Tools

There are several online tools available that can determine the web server for you. One popular tool is “WhatWeb”. Simply enter your website URL, and it will provide information about the web server along with other details.

3. Manual Inspection

If you have access to the CentOS server, you can manually inspect the server configuration files to determine the web server. The main configuration file for Apache HTTP Server (a commonly used web server on CentOS) is located at:


If Nginx is being used as the web server, its configuration file can be found at:


Open these files using a text editor and look for lines that mention the server software.


Determining the web server running on your CentOS server is essential for security, compatibility, and troubleshooting purposes. You can check the HTTP response headers, use online tools, or manually inspect configuration files to find this information. By knowing your web server, you can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

Now that you know how to determine the web server on CentOS, go ahead and explore!

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