What Web Server Does Wix Use?


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Are you curious to know what web server Wix uses? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of web servers and shed light on the one that powers Wix’s platform.

What is a Web Server?

Before delving into the specifics of Wix’s web server, let’s first understand what a web server is. In simple terms, a web server is a computer program or software that serves websites to users over the internet. When you type a website’s URL into your browser, the web server responsible for that site receives your request and sends back the necessary files for your browser to display.

The Web Server Behind Wix

Wix, a popular website building platform, uses a custom-built web server called Wix HTTP. This proprietary server was designed by Wix’s team of engineers with a focus on performance, scalability, and security.

One of the key advantages of using its own web server is that Wix has complete control over its technology stack. This control allows them to optimize their server specifically for their platform’s needs and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Features and Capabilities


The Wix HTTP server has been fine-tuned to deliver websites quickly and efficiently. It leverages advanced caching mechanisms and content delivery networks (CDNs) to ensure speedy delivery of static assets like images, CSS files, and JavaScript files.


Wix serves millions of websites worldwide. To handle such massive traffic levels, their web server is built with scalability in mind. It can seamlessly handle high volumes of concurrent requests without compromising performance or stability.


Wix places utmost importance on the security of its platform and its users’ websites. Their web server implements robust security measures, including encrypted connections (HTTPS), firewalls, and continuous monitoring to detect and mitigate potential threats.

The Wix HTTP Stack

Under the hood, the Wix HTTP server is powered by a combination of modern technologies and frameworks. Here are some key components of their stack:

  • Node.js: Wix utilizes Node.js as the runtime environment for their server-side code. Node.js enables them to build fast and scalable web applications using JavaScript.
  • Nginx: As a reverse proxy server, Nginx sits in front of the Wix HTTP server and handles tasks such as load balancing, SSL termination, and caching.
  • Velo Serverless Functions: This framework allows developers to create serverless functions that can be executed on demand. It helps enhance the functionality and interactivity of Wix websites.

In Conclusion

In summary, Wix uses its own custom-built web server called Wix HTTP to power its website building platform. With a strong focus on performance, scalability, and security, this proprietary server enables Wix to deliver exceptional experiences to its millions of users worldwide. By leveraging modern technologies like Node.js, Nginx, and Velo Serverless Functions, Wix ensures that their web server remains at the forefront of web development innovation.

Now that you know what web server powers Wix, you can appreciate the thought and effort that goes into providing a reliable and feature-rich website building experience for users like you!

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