What Web Server Does CUPS Use?


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Web Server Used by CUPS

CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) is a printing system that allows computers to send print jobs to printers connected to the network. It provides a flexible and reliable printing solution for various operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Unix-like systems.

When it comes to serving print requests, CUPS relies on a web server to handle the communication between computers and printers. The web server used by CUPS is called Apache HTTP Server, commonly known as Apache.

What is Apache HTTP Server?
Apache HTTP Server is an open-source web server software that powers millions of websites worldwide. It is highly scalable, secure, and known for its stability, making it a popular choice for hosting websites and serving various types of content.

Why does CUPS use Apache?
CUPS utilizes Apache because it provides a robust platform for managing printer queues and handling print jobs over the network. By integrating with Apache, CUPS leverages its powerful features such as authentication, access control, and logging.

Setting up Apache for CUPS

To use CUPS effectively, you need to ensure that Apache is properly configured. Here’s how you can set up Apache for CUPS:

  • Install Apache: First, you need to install Apache on your system if it’s not already present. On most Linux distributions, you can use the package manager to install it.
  • Start the Web Server: Once installed, start the Apache service using the appropriate command for your distribution.

    For instance, on Ubuntu or Debian-based systems: sudo systemctl start apache2.

  • Edit Configuration: Open the main configuration file of Apache located at /etc/apache2/apache2.conf. Look for the section related to CUPS and make any necessary changes, such as enabling SSL or configuring access control.
  • Restart Apache: After modifying the configuration, save the file and restart Apache to apply the changes: sudo systemctl restart apache2.

Accessing CUPS Web Interface

Once Apache is set up for CUPS, you can access the CUPS web interface using a web browser. Simply enter the following URL in your browser’s address bar:


This will open the CUPS web interface, allowing you to manage printers, print jobs, and configure various printing settings. You may need to provide administrative credentials to access certain features.

In conclusion, CUPS relies on Apache HTTP Server to handle print requests from computers and communicate with printers over the network. Apache provides a stable and secure platform for managing printer queues and offers powerful features that enhance the functionality of CUPS.

By setting up Apache correctly and accessing the CUPS web interface, you can efficiently manage your printers and printing tasks with ease.

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