What Type of Research Collects Data?


Heather Bennett

Research is a crucial part of any study or project, helping us gather information and draw meaningful conclusions. There are various types of research methods that researchers can employ to collect data. In this article, we will explore the different types of research that are commonly used.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research focuses on collecting and analyzing numerical data. This type of research uses structured methods such as surveys, experiments, and statistical analysis to gather information. The goal is to quantify and measure variables to identify patterns and relationships.


Surveys are a common way to collect quantitative data. They involve asking a series of questions to a Target audience.

Surveys can be conducted through online platforms, phone interviews, or in-person questionnaires. The responses are then analyzed using statistical techniques.


Experiments involve manipulating variables to test cause-and-effect relationships. Researchers design controlled environments where they can control and manipulate variables to observe the impact on other factors. Experiments allow for precise measurement and analysis of data.

Qualitative Research

In contrast to quantitative research, qualitative research focuses on understanding people’s experiences, opinions, and behaviors in depth. It aims to explore complex phenomena using methods such as interviews, observations, and case studies.


Interviews involve face-to-face or virtual conversations between the researcher and participants. They allow for detailed exploration of participants’ thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. Interviews can be structured with predetermined questions or unstructured with open-ended discussions.


Observations involve systematically watching and recording behaviors in natural or controlled settings. Researchers can be passive observers, simply recording what they see, or active participants engaging with the subjects. Observations provide rich and detailed insights into human behavior.

Mixed Methods Research

Mixed methods research combines both quantitative and qualitative research methods to gain a comprehensive understanding of a topic. This approach allows researchers to collect both numerical data and in-depth insights, providing a more holistic view.

Case Studies

Case studies are an example of mixed methods research. They involve an in-depth examination of a single subject or a small group of subjects over an extended period. Case studies often combine interviews, observations, surveys, and statistical analysis to explore complex phenomena from multiple angles.

  • Quantitative research collects numerical data through surveys and experiments.
  • Qualitative research gathers in-depth insights through interviews and observations.
  • Mixed methods research combines quantitative and qualitative approaches for a comprehensive understanding.

In conclusion, researchers employ different types of research methods to collect data depending on the nature of their study. Whether it is quantitative research focusing on numbers or qualitative research delving into experiences, each method brings its own strengths. By selecting the appropriate research method, researchers can gather valuable information to support their findings and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

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