What Type of Graphic Presentation Is Used to Show the Data?


Scott Campbell

What Type of Graphic Presentation Is Used to Show the Data?

Data visualization is a powerful tool that helps us understand complex information by presenting it in a visual format. When it comes to displaying data, there are various types of graphic presentations available.

Each type has its unique characteristics and is suitable for different purposes. In this article, we will explore some of the most commonly used graphic presentations and their applications.

Bar Charts

A bar chart is a popular choice for comparing different categories or groups. It uses rectangular bars of equal width but varying heights to represent the values of each category.

The length of the bars is proportional to the value they represent. Bar charts are easy to interpret and provide a clear visual representation of comparisons.


Let’s say you want to compare the sales performance of different products in a month. You can use a bar chart where each product represents a category, and the height of the bars represents their respective sales figures.

Pie Charts

A pie chart is ideal for illustrating proportions or percentages within a whole. It uses slices of varying sizes to represent different parts, with each slice representing a specific category or group. The size of each slice corresponds to its proportionate value in relation to the whole.


If you want to showcase the market share of different smartphone brands, you can use a pie chart where each brand represents a slice, and the size of each slice indicates its market share percentage.

Line Graphs

A line graph displays data as points connected by lines, showing trends and changes over time. It is effective in demonstrating patterns, fluctuations, or correlations between variables.


If you want to track the temperature over a week, you can use a line graph where the x-axis represents time, and the y-axis represents temperature. The line will connect the data points for each day, enabling you to observe any temperature variations.

Scatter Plots

A scatter plot is used to showcase the relationship between two variables. It uses dots on a graph, where each dot represents an individual observation. Scatter plots are useful in identifying trends or patterns in data.


If you want to analyze the correlation between hours studied and exam scores, you can create a scatter plot where each dot represents a student’s data point with hours studied on one axis and exam scores on the other.


Infographics are visual representations that combine various types of graphics such as charts, graphs, icons, and illustrations to convey complex information in an easily understandable format. They are commonly used for presenting statistics or key facts.


An infographic about global population growth may include bar charts showing population trends over time, pie charts depicting demographics by age groups, and illustrations representing different regions of the world.


In conclusion, there are several types of graphic presentations available for displaying data. Each type has its own strengths and is suitable for specific situations. Whether it’s comparing categories with bar charts or showcasing proportions with pie charts, selecting the right graphic presentation can greatly enhance understanding and engagement with your data.

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