What Type of Data Typically Collect the Datadog Agent?


Heather Bennett

The Datadog Agent is a powerful tool that allows you to collect and analyze data from your infrastructure, applications, and services. It provides deep visibility into every layer of your stack, allowing you to monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and troubleshoot issues.

What type of data does the Datadog Agent typically collect?

The Datadog Agent collects a wide range of data to provide comprehensive monitoring and observability. Here are some of the key types of data it typically collects:

1. Metrics:
Metrics are essential for understanding the health and performance of your systems.

The Datadog Agent collects various metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk space utilization, network traffic, and more. These metrics can help you identify trends, anomalies, and potential problems in real-time.

2. Logs:
Logs contain valuable information about events and activities happening within your applications or infrastructure.

The Datadog Agent can collect logs from different sources like application logs, system logs, database logs, security logs, and cloud provider logs. By centralizing these logs in one place, you can easily search, filter, and analyze them to gain insights into your environment.

3. Traces:
Traces provide a detailed view of the requests flowing through your systems.

The Datadog Agent can collect distributed traces from different services or microservices in your architecture. These traces help you understand how requests propagate across various components and identify performance bottlenecks or errors.

4. APM (Application Performance Monitoring) Data:
If you’re using an APM solution like Datadog’s APM product, the agent can also collect APM-specific data such as request latency, error rates, database queries, external service calls, and more. This data is crucial for identifying performance issues within your applications and optimizing their performance.

5. Custom Metrics and Events:
In addition to the built-in metrics, logs, traces, and APM data, the Datadog Agent allows you to collect custom metrics and events. This flexibility enables you to track specific application or business-specific metrics that are relevant to your organization’s needs.


The Datadog Agent is a versatile tool that collects a wide range of data to provide comprehensive monitoring and observability. Whether it’s infrastructure metrics, application logs, distributed traces, APM data, or custom metrics and events, the agent ensures that you have deep visibility into your systems.

By leveraging the power of the Datadog Agent and analyzing the collected data, you can gain actionable insights, optimize performance, troubleshoot issues efficiently, and ensure the smooth operation of your infrastructure and applications.

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