What Type of Data Sources May Organization Network Analysis Use?


Scott Campbell

What Type of Data Sources May Organization Network Analysis Use?

Organization network analysis (ONA) is a powerful tool that enables organizations to gain insights into their internal communication and collaboration patterns. By analyzing the connections between individuals, teams, and departments, ONA can provide valuable information for improving productivity, innovation, and overall organizational effectiveness.

Types of Data Sources

To conduct an effective ONA, organizations need to gather data from various sources. Here are some common types of data sources used in organization network analysis:

1. Email Communication

Emails are a rich source of data for ONA.

By analyzing email communication patterns, organizations can identify key influencers, information brokers, and bottlenecks within their network. This data can help identify communication gaps and improve collaboration between individuals and teams.

2. Instant Messaging

Instant messaging platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams provide real-time communication data that can be used for ONA. By analyzing chat logs and message exchanges, organizations can understand how different teams and individuals interact with each other.

3. Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools such as project management software or document sharing platforms offer valuable insights into the interactions between team members. By analyzing collaboration patterns, organizations can identify the most connected individuals or teams who play a crucial role in knowledge sharing and problem-solving.

4. Social Network Analysis

Social media platforms like LinkedIn or internal social networks within an organization can provide valuable data for ONA. These platforms can highlight the connections between employees and help identify influential individuals who bridge different departments or functions.

5. Surveys

In addition to digital data sources, surveys can also be used to gather information for ONA. By asking employees about their communication patterns and relationships, organizations can validate the findings from other data sources and gain a more comprehensive understanding of their network.


Organization network analysis relies on a diverse set of data sources to provide valuable insights into communication and collaboration patterns within an organization. By analyzing data from email communication, instant messaging, collaboration tools, social media platforms, and surveys, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of their network structure and identify opportunities for improvement.

Utilizing the power of ONA can help organizations enhance productivity, innovation, and overall organizational effectiveness by leveraging the connections and relationships that exist within their workforce.

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