What Type of Data Is Used in Bar Graph?


Larry Thompson

A bar graph is a visual representation of data that uses bars to compare different categories or groups. It is an effective way to present data as it allows for easy comparison and analysis.

But what type of data is used in a bar graph? Let’s explore the different types of data commonly used in bar graphs.

Categorical Data

One type of data used in a bar graph is categorical data. Categorical data represents groups or categories that are distinct and separate.

These categories can be anything from types of animals, colors, or even different countries. In a bar graph, each category is represented by a separate bar, and the height or length of the bar corresponds to the value or frequency of that category.

Numerical Data

Another type of data used in a bar graph is numerical data. Numerical data represents values or quantities that can be measured or counted.

This can include things like sales figures, population numbers, or temperature readings. In a bar graph, numerical data is often grouped into ranges or intervals and represented by bars with different heights or lengths.

Comparison and Analysis

The main purpose of using a bar graph is to compare and analyze different categories or groups of data. The visual nature of a bar graph makes it easy to identify patterns, trends, and disparities between the various categories. By using bold text to highlight important information within the text, we can emphasize key points during analysis.


Let’s consider an example where we want to compare the sales figures for different products in a particular month. We could use categorical data for the products (e.g., Product A, Product B, Product C) and numerical data for their respective sales figures (e., 100 units, 200 units, 150 units). By creating a bar graph with bold labels for the products and underlining the sales figures, we can easily compare and analyze the sales performance.


A bar graph is a powerful tool for visualizing data. By incorporating categorical and numerical data, we can effectively compare and analyze different categories or groups. Remember to use bold text for emphasis, underline important information, and structure your content using subheaders to create an engaging and organized article.

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