What Type of Data Is Numerical?


Scott Campbell

When it comes to data, there are different types that can be collected and analyzed. One of the main categories is numerical data.

Numerical data, as the name suggests, consists of numbers and is used to represent quantitative information. In this article, we will explore what exactly constitutes numerical data and how it differs from other types of data.

What is Numerical Data?

Numerical data refers to information that can be measured or counted. It includes real numbers such as integers, decimals, or fractions. This type of data is often obtained through direct measurements or observations.

Examples of numerical data:

  • The height of a person
  • The temperature on a given day
  • The number of cars sold in a month

Numerical data can further be classified into two subcategories:

1. Discrete Data:

Discrete data consists of whole numbers that have a finite number of possible values. These values are usually obtained through counting or enumeration.

Examples of discrete data:

  • The number of siblings a person has
  • The number of students in a classroom
  • The number of goals scored in a soccer match

2. Continuous Data:

Continuous data includes real numbers that can take on any value within a specific range. Unlike discrete data, continuous data can have an infinite number of possible values.

Examples of continuous data:

  • The weight of an object
  • The time taken to complete a task
  • The temperature of a room

It’s important to note that numerical data can be further analyzed using statistical methods such as mean, median, and standard deviation. These measures provide insights into the central tendency, variability, and distribution of the data.


Numerical data plays a crucial role in various fields such as science, economics, and research. It provides a quantitative basis for analysis and decision-making. By understanding what constitutes numerical data and its subcategories, we can better interpret and draw meaningful conclusions from the information at hand.

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