What Type of Data Is a Boolean?


Scott Campbell

What Type of Data Is a Boolean?

A boolean is a data type in programming that represents one of two possible values: true or false. It is named after the mathematician and logician George Boole, who first defined an algebraic system for logical reasoning.

Booleans are commonly used in programming to make decisions based on conditions or to control the flow of a program.

Boolean Values

In most programming languages, boolean values are represented as keywords: true and false. These values are often used to determine the outcome of logical comparisons or conditional statements.

For example, when comparing two numbers, the result could be either true (if the comparison is valid) or false (if it is not).

Logical Operators

Boolean values can be combined using logical operators to create more complex conditions. The most common logical operators are:

  • The AND operator (&&), which returns true only if both operands are true.
  • The OR operator (||), which returns true if at least one operand is true.
  • The NOT operator (!

    ), which negates the value of a boolean expression.

These operators allow programmers to express complex conditions and make decisions based on multiple criteria.

If Statements and Boolean Expressions

One common use of booleans in programming is with if statements. An if statement allows you to execute a block of code only if a certain condition is met. The condition in an if statement is usually a boolean expression.

For example:

if (x > 10) {
// Code to be executed if x is greater than 10

In this example, the code inside the if statement will only be executed if the boolean expression x > 10 evaluates to true. Otherwise, it will be skipped.


Booleans are a fundamental data type in programming that allows for logical decision making. They can represent true or false values and are used to control program flow and conditions.

Understanding booleans is essential for any programmer as they form the basis of many logical operations and decision-making processes.

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