What Type of Connector Does a SATA Data Cable Have?


Scott Campbell

When it comes to connecting storage devices, the SATA (Serial ATA) data cable is a commonly used interface. It allows for high-speed data transfer between the motherboard and the storage device, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

But what type of connector does a SATA data cable have? Let’s explore!

Understanding SATA Data Cable Connectors

The SATA data cable typically has two connectors: one on each end. These connectors are designed to be compact and easy to use.

They are known as “SATA connectors” or “SATA ports. “

Each SATA connector consists of seven pins arranged in a specific pattern. This pattern ensures that the cable can only be connected in one direction, preventing any accidental misalignment.

The L-Shaped Connector

The most common type of SATA connector is the L-shaped connector. This connector has a distinctive L-shape with a small notch on one side, which helps you align it correctly with the corresponding port on your storage device.

NOTE: The L-shaped connector is also sometimes referred to as the “data” connector or “signal” connector.

The Straight Connector

In addition to the L-shaped connector, there is another type of SATA connector called the straight connector. As the name suggests, this connector has a straight shape without any angles or bends.

NOTE: The straight connector is also sometimes referred to as the “power” connector because it is commonly used for connecting power cables to certain types of storage devices.

Compatibility and Interchangeability

SATA data cables with either L-shaped or straight connectors are fully compatible and interchangeable. This means that you can use either type of cable with any SATA-compatible device, including hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), and optical drives.

NOTE: It’s important to ensure that the SATA data cable you use matches the SATA version supported by your motherboard and storage device. The most common SATA versions are SATA 1, SATA 2, and SATA 3, each offering different maximum data transfer speeds.


The SATA data cable, with its L-shaped or straight connectors, is an essential component when it comes to connecting storage devices to your computer. Understanding the different types of connectors and their compatibility is crucial for proper installation and optimal performance.

In summary:

  • The SATA data cable has either an L-shaped or straight connector.
  • The L-shaped connector is the most common type and is used for data transfer.
  • The straight connector is primarily used for power connections.
  • Both types of connectors are fully compatible and interchangeable.

Now that you know what type of connector a SATA data cable has, you can confidently set up your storage devices knowing that you have the right cable for the job!

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