What Type of Analytics Does Veritas Data Insight Provides?


Heather Bennett

What Type of Analytics Does Veritas Data Insight Provides?

Veritas Data Insight is a powerful analytics tool that helps organizations gain insights into their data. With its advanced features and capabilities, it provides a comprehensive analysis of data usage, access patterns, and data ownership. Let’s explore the different types of analytics that Veritas Data Insight offers:

Data Usage Analytics

Veritas Data Insight allows users to analyze data usage patterns within their organization. It provides detailed information on which files are being accessed frequently, who is accessing them, and when they are being accessed. This information helps organizations understand how their data is being utilized and make informed decisions about data management.

Data Access Analytics

Understanding who has access to sensitive data is crucial for maintaining data security. Veritas Data Insight offers powerful analytics capabilities to track and monitor user access to sensitive files. It provides insights into who has permissions to access specific files or folders, allowing organizations to identify potential security risks and take appropriate actions.

Data Ownership Analytics

Veritas Data Insight helps organizations identify the owners of specific files or folders within their data infrastructure. By analyzing file metadata and user permissions, it provides a clear picture of who is responsible for managing and maintaining different sets of data. This information is valuable for assigning ownership responsibilities and ensuring proper governance of organizational data.

Data Classification Analytics

To effectively manage data, organizations need to classify it based on various criteria such as sensitivity, importance, or compliance requirements. Veritas Data Insight offers advanced analytics capabilities to automatically classify unstructured data based on predefined policies or custom rules. This enables organizations to prioritize their efforts in securing and managing critical datasets.


In conclusion, Veritas Data Insight provides a wide range of analytics capabilities to help organizations gain valuable insights into their data. From analyzing data usage and access patterns to identifying data owners and classifying data, this tool empowers organizations to make informed decisions about data management, security, and governance. By leveraging Veritas Data Insight’s powerful analytics features, organizations can optimize their data management processes and ensure the security and integrity of their valuable information.

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