What Scripting Languages Are Available in Adobe Animate?


Angela Bailey

In Adobe Animate, there are several scripting languages available that can be used to enhance the interactivity and functionality of your animations. These scripting languages allow you to create dynamic and interactive content that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional timeline-based animations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the scripting languages you can use in Adobe Animate:

ActionScript 3.0

ActionScript 3.0 is a powerful object-oriented programming language that is primarily used in Adobe Flash and Adobe Animate. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities, making it suitable for complex animations and interactive applications.

With ActionScript 3.0, you can create custom classes, handle events, manipulate objects on the stage, control animation playback, and much more. Its syntax is similar to JavaScript, which makes it easy for web developers to learn and use.


JavaScript is a widely used scripting language that can be used in Adobe Animate to add interactivity to your animations. It allows you to manipulate HTML elements, handle events, make AJAX calls, and perform various other tasks.

By using JavaScript in Adobe Animate, you can create responsive animations that interact with user input or external data sources. You can also integrate JavaScript libraries or frameworks like jQuery or GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform) to further enhance your animations.


CreateJS is a suite of modular libraries that provide a comprehensive set of tools for creating interactive content in HTML5. It includes libraries like EaselJS for working with graphics and animation, TweenJS for creating smooth transitions, SoundJS for handling audio playback, and PreloadJS for managing asset loading.

In Adobe Animate, you can leverage the power of CreateJS to create HTML5 animations and interactive content. It provides an intuitive API that simplifies the process of working with graphics, animation, and interactivity.

Other Scripting Languages

Besides ActionScript 3.0, JavaScript, and CreateJS, Adobe Animate also supports other scripting languages like TypeScript, Haxe, and Dart. These languages offer additional features and capabilities that can be beneficial for specific use cases.

  • TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds static typing and other advanced features to the language. It provides better tooling support and helps catch errors at compile-time.
  • Haxe is a multi-platform toolkit that allows you to write code in one language and Target multiple platforms.

    It supports various output formats including JavaScript, Flash, HTML5, and more.

  • Dart is a language developed by Google that aims to replace JavaScript as the primary language for web development. It offers a more structured approach to programming and includes features like classes, interfaces, and optional static typing.

By leveraging these scripting languages in Adobe Animate, you can create stunning animations with rich interactivity. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting with animation scripting, these languages provide the flexibility and power needed to bring your ideas to life.

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