What MBTI Type Is Data Star Trek?


Angela Bailey

Star Trek: The Next Generation is a beloved science fiction series that introduced us to an array of fascinating characters. One such character is the android Data, who serves as the ship’s second officer and provides a unique perspective on humanity. In this article, we will explore what MBTI type Data may align with based on his characteristics and behaviors.

The MBTI and its Types

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a psychological tool used to categorize individuals into one of sixteen personality types. It assesses four key dimensions: extraversion vs. introversion (E/I), sensing vs. intuition (S/N), thinking vs. feeling (T/F), and judging vs. perceiving (J/P). Each dimension has two possible outcomes, resulting in the sixteen distinct types.

Data’s Characteristics

Let’s delve into Data’s characteristics to analyze which MBTI type he may align with:

  • Logical: Data is known for his logical thinking and analytical approach to problem-solving. He often relies on empirical evidence and facts rather than emotions or personal beliefs.
  • Curious: Throughout the series, Data demonstrates a strong desire for knowledge and understanding of the human experience. He frequently examines human behavior from an objective standpoint.
  • Detail-oriented: Due to his advanced programming, Data possesses exceptional attention to detail, allowing him to notice even the smallest discrepancies or patterns.
  • Persistent: Despite being an android without emotions, Data exhibits remarkable determination in achieving his goals and overcoming obstacles.

Data’s Potential MBTI Type

Based on these characteristics, one MBTI type that closely aligns with Data is INTJ.

INTJ – The Architect

INTJs are known for their logical thinking, strategic planning abilities, and strong problem-solving skills. They are often focused on analyzing and understanding complex systems.

Data’s logical nature, curiosity, attention to detail, and persistence all mirror the traits commonly associated with INTJs. Furthermore, his constant pursuit of knowledge and desire to explore the human experience aligns with the INTJ’s thirst for understanding.

However, it is important to note that Data’s unique circumstances as an android may influence his behavior and characteristics. While he may exhibit traits commonly associated with INTJs, his lack of emotions and human experiences may result in subtle differences.


In conclusion, based on Data’s logical thinking, curiosity, attention to detail, and persistence in exploring the human experience, it can be argued that he aligns closely with the INTJ MBTI type. Nevertheless, it is vital to consider the influence of his android nature on his personality traits.

Understanding the MBTI type of fictional characters can add depth to our appreciation of their personalities and motivations. It allows us to connect with them on a different level and explore how their unique traits contribute to their overall character development.

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