What Language Is Kontakt Scripting?


Larry Thompson

What Language Is Kontakt Scripting?

If you’re into music production and sound design, chances are you have come across Kontakt at some point. Kontakt is a powerful software sampler developed by Native Instruments.

It allows musicians and producers to create and manipulate virtual instruments with immense flexibility and control. One of the key features of Kontakt is its scripting engine, which allows users to create custom instruments and effects.

The Kontakt Scripting Language

The scripting language used in Kontakt is a proprietary language called KSP (Kontakt Script Processor). KSP is a high-level language specifically designed for creating complex instrument behaviors and user interfaces within the Kontakt environment.

While KSP may not be as widely known or used as other programming languages, it offers a unique set of features tailored to the needs of audio developers.

Features of KSP

  • Event-driven: KSP allows you to define how your instrument or effect responds to various events, such as note triggers, MIDI messages, or user interactions.
  • User interface elements: With KSP, you can create custom interfaces for your instruments using buttons, sliders, knobs, and other GUI elements.
  • Data manipulation: KSP provides built-in functions for manipulating data, such as math operations, string handling, array manipulation, and file I/O.
  • MIDI integration: You can easily interact with MIDI input devices and control other MIDI-compatible software or hardware using KSP.
  • Integration with Kontakt’s features: KSP seamlessly integrates with Kontakt’s extensive library of samples, effects processors, modulation capabilities, and more.

Learning KSP

Learning any programming language requires time and effort, and KSP is no exception. Fortunately, Native Instruments provides comprehensive documentation and tutorials to help you get started with Kontakt scripting. The Kontakt user community is also a valuable resource, with many forums and online groups dedicated to sharing knowledge and solving problems related to scripting.

Here are some recommended resources to learn KSP:

  • Official Kontakt Documentation: Native Instruments provides detailed documentation on KSP, including a reference guide, tutorials, and examples.
  • Kontakt Scripting Forum: Join the Kontakt scripting community to connect with other users, ask questions, and share your projects.
  • Online Tutorials: Several websites offer tutorials specifically focused on Kontakt scripting. These tutorials often cover advanced topics and provide real-world examples.


Kontakt scripting is a powerful tool for creating custom instruments and effects within the Kontakt software. While it may require some dedication to learn the KSP language, the rewards are immense in terms of creative possibilities and control over your virtual instruments. So if you’re ready to take your music production skills to the next level, dive into Kontakt scripting!

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