What Is XSD Data Type?


Scott Campbell

In this article, we will delve into the concept of XSD data types and understand their significance in XML schema definitions. XSD, short for XML Schema Definition, is a specification that defines the structure, content, and semantics of an XML document.

What is an XSD Data Type?

An XSD data type is used to define the format and constraints that can be applied to XML elements or attributes. It specifies the type of data that can be stored in a particular element or attribute. XSD provides several built-in data types such as string, integer, boolean, date, etc., which can be used to validate and restrict the content of XML documents.

Built-in XSD Data Types

XSD provides a wide range of built-in data types to accommodate various kinds of data. Let’s explore some commonly used ones:

  • string: Represents a sequence of characters. It can contain any valid character except for certain control characters.
  • integer: Represents whole numbers without decimal places.
  • boolean: Represents either true or false.
  • date: Represents dates in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • Note: The above list represents only a small subset of the available built-in data types in XSD.

Defining Custom XSD Data Types

In addition to the built-in data types, XSD allows you to define your own custom data types using restrictions and patterns. These custom data types can be derived from existing built-in types or other custom types. By defining custom types, you can enforce specific constraints on the content of XML elements or attributes.

To define a custom data type, you can use the simpleType element in XSD. Within the simpleType element, you can apply various restrictions such as minLength, maxLength, pattern, etc., to specify the allowed values for the data type.


In conclusion, XSD data types play a crucial role in defining the structure and content of XML documents. They allow you to validate and restrict the data that can be stored in XML elements or attributes. Whether using built-in types or defining custom types, understanding XSD data types is essential for maintaining data integrity and consistency in XML documents.

To sum up, XSD data types are an integral part of XML schema definition and provide a powerful mechanism for specifying the type and constraints of XML elements or attributes.

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