What Is Wsadmin Scripting?


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What Is Wsadmin Scripting?

If you are working with WebSphere Application Server (WAS), you might have come across a powerful tool called Wsadmin. Wsadmin is a command-line scripting tool that allows administrators to manage and automate various tasks in a WebSphere environment.

Why Use Wsadmin Scripting?

Wsadmin scripting provides several benefits for system administrators:

  • Automation: With Wsadmin, you can automate repetitive tasks, saving time and effort.
  • Consistency: Using scripts ensures that system configurations and deployments are consistent across different environments.
  • Fine-grained control: Wsadmin allows you to perform granular actions that might not be available through the graphical user interface.

Getting Started with Wsadmin

To start using Wsadmin, you first need to open a command prompt or terminal window. Then navigate to the directory where your WebSphere Application Server installation is located.

Starting the Wsadmin Tool

To start the Wsadmin tool, run the following command:

$ ./wsadmin.sh -lang jython -username admin -password password -host localhost -port 8880

Note: Replace “password” with your actual password and adjust other parameters as per your environment configuration.

Using Jython Scripts

You can use either Jython or Jacl scripting languages with Wsadmin. Jython is a Python implementation that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Here’s an example of a simple Jython script:

print "Hello from Wsadmin scripting!"

To run the script from the Wsadmin prompt, use the following command:

$AdminTask.invoke('wsadmin', '[-lang jython -f /path/to/script.py]')

Common Tasks with Wsadmin

Here are some common tasks you can accomplish using Wsadmin scripting:

  • Application Deployment: Deploying applications to WebSphere Application Server using scripts.
  • Resource Configuration: Configuring resources like data sources, connection factories, and JMS queues.
  • Server Administration: Starting, stopping, and restarting servers programmatically.
  • Cluster Management: Creating and managing clusters of servers.


Wsadmin scripting is a powerful tool for managing and automating tasks in a WebSphere Application Server environment. It provides administrators with automation capabilities, fine-grained control, and consistency in system configurations. By learning and utilizing Wsadmin scripting, you can streamline your administrative tasks and improve overall efficiency.

If you haven’t explored Wsadmin yet, it’s time to dive in and unlock its potential!

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