What Is Web Server Explain With Example?


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A web server is a software application that processes and delivers web content to clients, such as web browsers. It acts as the intermediary between the client and the requested web page, handling all the requests and responses. In simpler terms, a web server is like a waiter in a restaurant who takes your order and brings you the food.

How Does a Web Server Work?

When you type a URL or click on a link in your web browser, it sends an HTTP request to the web server hosting that particular website. The web server then processes this request and retrieves the requested webpage from its storage or generates it dynamically.

Once the webpage is ready, the web server sends back an HTTP response containing the requested content. This response may include HTML files, CSS stylesheets, JavaScript code, images, videos, or any other resources required to render the webpage correctly on your browser.

Example of Web Server

Let’s consider an example to better understand how a web server works. Imagine you want to visit a popular e-commerce website like Amazon.com.

  • You open your preferred web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and type “Amazon.com” in the address bar.
  • Your browser sends an HTTP request to Amazon’s web server.
  • The web server receives this request and processes it by identifying that you want to access their homepage.
  • If their homepage is stored as an HTML file on their server, it retrieves that file from its storage.
  • The retrieved HTML file might contain references to CSS files for styling purposes or JavaScript files for interactivity.
  • The web server then fetches these additional resources if needed.
  • All these files are combined into an HTTP response and sent back to your browser.
  • Your browser receives the response and starts rendering the webpage based on the received HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

Throughout this process, the web server handles multiple requests from different clients concurrently. It manages the distribution of resources, ensures proper security measures, and performs various other tasks to deliver a seamless browsing experience.


A web server is a fundamental component of the World Wide Web. It plays a crucial role in delivering web content to users around the globe. Understanding how web servers work helps us appreciate their significance in our everyday internet usage.

So next time you browse a website or interact with web content, remember that there’s a web server working behind the scenes to make it all happen!

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