What Is Web Call Server 5?


Scott Campbell

Web Call Server 5 is an advanced software solution that enables real-time communication and collaboration over the internet. With its powerful features and flexible APIs, it provides a seamless integration of audio, video, and data streaming into web and mobile applications.

Features of Web Call Server 5:

  • Real-time Audio and Video Streaming: Web Call Server 5 allows developers to easily implement audio and video streaming capabilities in their applications. Whether it’s a one-to-one video call or a multi-party conference, this server handles the media streams efficiently.
  • Data Channel Communication: In addition to audio and video, Web Call Server 5 supports real-time data transmission between participants. This enables interactive features like chat, file sharing, screen sharing, and collaborative whiteboarding.
  • WebRTC Support: Web Call Server 5 leverages the power of WebRTC technology to enable direct peer-to-peer communication without any plugins or additional software. This ensures low-latency and high-quality audio/video streams across various devices and browsers.
  • Scalability: The server is designed to handle high loads and can scale horizontally by adding more instances as the user base grows. It offers load balancing mechanisms to distribute the traffic efficiently among multiple servers.
  • Security: Web Call Server 5 ensures secure communication by supporting encryption protocols like DTLS-SRTP for media streams and SDES for data channels. Additionally, it provides authentication mechanisms to validate users’ identities before granting access to resources.

Use Cases of Web Call Server 5:

If you’re wondering how this versatile server can be utilized in different scenarios, here are some common use cases:

1. Video Conferencing:

Web Call Server 5 enables the development of video conferencing applications with features like screen sharing, recording, chat, and participant management. It provides a reliable infrastructure for hosting online meetings, webinars, and virtual classrooms.

2. Live Streaming:

With Web Call Server 5, you can easily build live streaming platforms where users can broadcast their content in real-time. Whether it’s a gaming event, a live concert, or a sports match, this server handles the media distribution efficiently to ensure smooth playback for viewers.

3. Remote Assistance:

Web Call Server 5 allows developers to create remote assistance applications where users can seek help from experts via video calls. This is particularly useful in industries like healthcare, customer support, and field services.

4. Online Education:

The server’s interactive features make it an ideal choice for e-learning platforms. Web Call Server 5 enables real-time collaboration between students and teachers through video lectures, virtual classrooms, and interactive whiteboards.


In conclusion, Web Call Server 5 is a powerful software solution that empowers developers to incorporate real-time communication capabilities into their web and mobile applications. With its rich feature set and ease of integration with popular technologies like WebRTC, it opens up endless possibilities for building immersive and engaging user experiences.

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