What Is Variable in Data Structure?


Angela Bailey

Variables are fundamental elements in data structures that allow us to store and manipulate data. In simple terms, a variable is a named container that holds a value. This value can be of different types, such as numbers, strings, or booleans.

Defining Variables

To define a variable in most programming languages, you need to specify its name and assign a value to it. Let’s say we want to create a variable called “age” and assign it the value of 25. We can do this using the following code:

int age = 25;

In this example, we used the keyword “int” to indicate that we want an integer type variable. The equal sign (=) is used to assign the value 25 to the variable “age”. After this line of code executes, the variable “age” will hold the value 25.

Using Variables

Once we have defined a variable, we can use it throughout our code. For example, if we want to print the value of the “age” variable, we can use:


This will output the value of the “age” variable (in this case, 25) to the console.

The Power of Variables

The real power of variables lies in their ability to change over time. We can update a variable’s value as needed throughout our program. For instance:

age = 30;

This line of code will update the “age” variable’s value from 25 to 30. This flexibility allows us to perform calculations or keep track of changing data.

Variable Naming

When naming variables, it’s important to follow certain conventions to make our code more readable and maintainable. Here are some common naming conventions:

  • Use descriptive names: Choose names that accurately describe the variable’s purpose.
  • Avoid reserved words: Don’t use language keywords as variable names.
  • Follow camel case: Start variable names with a lowercase letter and capitalize each subsequent word (e.g., myVariable).


In summary, variables are essential components of data structures that allow us to store and manipulate data. They provide a means of accessing and updating values throughout our code. By understanding how to define and use variables effectively, we can create more dynamic and flexible programs.

Now that you have a solid understanding of what variables are in data structures, you can start applying this knowledge in your programming journey. Happy coding!

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