What Is Use of String Data Type?


Scott Campbell

The string data type is one of the most commonly used data types in programming. It is used to store a sequence of characters, such as words, sentences, or even entire paragraphs. In HTML, strings are enclosed in quotation marks and can be displayed on a web page using the text content or value attribute.

Creating a string in HTML

To create a string in HTML, you simply enclose the desired text within quotation marks:

  This is a string.

In the above example, we have created a paragraph containing the string “This is a string.” The text within the paragraph tag will be displayed as it is on the web page.

Manipulating strings

String manipulation refers to modifying or extracting specific parts of a string. There are various built-in methods and properties that allow you to perform operations on strings.


The concatenation operator (+) is used to join two or more strings together:

    var firstName = "John";
    var lastName = "Doe";
    var fullName = firstName + " " + lastName;

The above code will output “John Doe” by concatenating the values of the firstName and lastName variables.


The length property allows you to determine the number of characters in a string:

    var message = "Hello, world!";
    document.write("The length of the string is: " + message.length);

The above code will display “The length of the string is: 13”. It counts all characters in the string, including spaces and punctuation marks.

Styling strings

In addition to manipulating strings, you can also style them using HTML and CSS.

Bold text

To make a string appear bold, you can use the <b> tag:

  <b>This is a bold string.</b>

The above code will display “This is a bold string.” with the text appearing in bold font.

Underlined text

If you want to underline a string, you can use the <u> tag:

  <u>This is an underlined string.</u>

The above code will display “This is an underlined string.” with the text appearing underlined.


The string data type is essential for storing and manipulating textual information in HTML. By understanding how to create, manipulate, and style strings, you can effectively utilize this data type in your web development projects.

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