What Is URI Data Type?


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What Is URI Data Type?

The URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) data type is used to identify and locate a resource on the internet. It is a string of characters that provides a unique address for accessing a resource, such as a web page, image, video, or file. URIs are essential for navigating the World Wide Web and are commonly used in hyperlinks and web addresses.

Components of a URI

A URI consists of several components that provide information about the resource being accessed. These components include:

  • Scheme: The scheme specifies the protocol or application used to access the resource. Examples include “http” for web pages and “ftp” for file transfers.
  • Authority: The authority component identifies the server or location where the resource resides. It typically includes the domain name or IP address.
  • Path: The path component specifies the location of the resource on the server’s file system or within a specific directory structure.
  • Query: The query component provides additional parameters or data that can be passed to the server when requesting the resource.
  • Fragment: The fragment component identifies a specific portion or anchor within the resource itself, such as a section within an HTML page.

URI Syntax

The syntax of a URI follows a specific format to ensure consistency and interoperability across different applications and systems. Here is an example URI with its components labeled:


The scheme and authority components are mandatory, while path, query, and fragment components are optional depending on the resource being accessed.

Examples of URI

Here are some examples of URIs:

  • Web Page: https://www.example.com/index.html
  • Image: https://www.com/images/picture.jpg
  • Video: https://www.com/videos/movie.mp4
  • File Download: ftp://ftp.com/files/document.pdf

URI vs. URL vs. URN

The terms URI, URL, and URN are often used interchangeably, but they have slight differences in meaning:

  • URI (Uniform Resource Identifier): A URI is a string of characters used to identify and locate a resource.
  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator): A URL is a type of URI that specifies the location or address of a resource on the internet.
  • URN (Uniform Resource Name):A URN is a type of URI that provides a unique name for a resource but does not include information about its location.

In Summary

The URI data type is essential for identifying and accessing resources on the internet. It consists of various components that provide information about the resource’s location, protocol, and other parameters. Understanding how to construct and interpret URIs is crucial for navigating the web effectively.

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