What Is Type Certificate Data Sheet?


Angela Bailey

A Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) is a document issued by aviation authorities that provides detailed technical information about a specific aircraft type. It serves as a comprehensive reference for aircraft designers, manufacturers, operators, and maintenance personnel.

What is included in a Type Certificate Data Sheet?

A TCDS contains important information about the design, performance, and operating limitations of an aircraft. This information is crucial for ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of the aircraft.

1. Aircraft Identification

The TCDS starts with the identification of the aircraft type, including its model name and number. This section also includes any variants or sub-models that fall under the same type certificate.

2. Type Certificate Holder

It then provides details about the holder of the type certificate, which is typically the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or the organization responsible for designing and producing the aircraft.

3. Dimensions and Weights

This section outlines various dimensions and weights of the aircraft, such as overall length, wingspan, maximum takeoff weight, maximum landing weight, and empty weight. These specifications are essential for determining performance capabilities and operational limitations.

4. Powerplant

The powerplant section describes the engines or propulsion systems installed on the aircraft type. It includes details such as engine manufacturer, model number, power ratings, fuel type recommended by the manufacturer, and any specific limitations or requirements related to engine operation.

5. Performance Data

The performance data section provides information on various aspects of an aircraft’s performance characteristics. This may include maximum speed limits (VNE), stall speeds (VS), climb rates at different altitudes and weights, cruising speeds and altitudes for optimum efficiency, and landing distance requirements.

6. Limitations

This section highlights important limitations that must be adhered to during aircraft operation. It may include maximum altitude limits, maneuvering speed limitations, weight and balance restrictions, and specific procedures for takeoff and landing.

7. Systems and Equipment

The TCDS also covers the various systems and equipment installed on the aircraft. This includes electrical systems, hydraulic systems, avionics equipment, communication systems, navigation aids, and any other relevant components that contribute to the safe operation of the aircraft.

8. Maintenance Requirements

This section outlines the maintenance requirements for the aircraft type. It includes details about inspection intervals, recommended maintenance practices, replacement schedules for critical components, and any specific procedures or considerations related to maintenance activities.


A Type Certificate Data Sheet is a comprehensive document that provides essential technical information about an aircraft type. It serves as a valuable resource for all stakeholders involved in the design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of an aircraft.

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