What Is Tinyint Data Type in MySQL?


Scott Campbell

Tinyint Data Type in MySQL

MySQL is a popular open-source relational database management system that offers a wide range of data types to store different types of data. One such data type is Tinyint. In this article, we will explore what the Tinyint data type is, how it is used, and its characteristics.

What is Tinyint?

The Tinyint data type in MySQL allows you to store integer values ranging from -128 to 127 (or 0 to 255 for unsigned values) in just one byte of storage. It takes up very little space compared to other integer data types such as Int or Bigint.

Usage and Benefits

The Tinyint data type can be used in various scenarios where you need to store small integer values with limited range. Some common use cases include storing boolean flags (0 or 1), representing status codes, or storing small numeric values like ages or ratings.

Here are some benefits of using the Tinyint data type:

  • Space efficiency: As mentioned earlier, the Tinyint data type requires only one byte of storage. This makes it an ideal choice when you have a large number of records and want to conserve storage space.
  • Performance: Due to its small size, the Tinyint data type allows for faster processing and retrieval of data. When working with large datasets, this can significantly improve query performance.
  • Data validation: The Tinyint data type restricts the range of values that can be stored, ensuring that only valid values are inserted into the database. This helps maintain data integrity and prevents errors caused by invalid input.

Creating a Tinyint Column

To create a column with the Tinyint data type in MySQL, you can use the TINYINT keyword followed by optional parameters such as UNSIGNED and ZEROFILL. Here’s an example of creating a Tinyint column:

CREATE TABLE employees (

In the above example, the “age” column is defined as a Tinyint column with the UNSIGNED keyword, allowing only positive values to be stored.


The Tinyint data type in MySQL provides a space-efficient and performance-optimized solution for storing small integer values. It offers several benefits, including reduced storage requirements, improved query performance, and data validation. Consider using the Tinyint data type when you need to store small numeric values or boolean flags in your database.

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