What Is the Use of Double Data Type Explain With Example?


Larry Thompson

A double data type in programming languages is used to store numeric values with a higher precision than the standard float data type. It is particularly useful when dealing with numbers that require more decimal places, such as in scientific calculations or financial applications.


Let’s say we want to calculate the average score of a group of students. We have the following scores:

  • 85.5
  • 90.25
  • 88.75
  • 92.6

To calculate the average, we can use a double data type to achieve a more accurate result.

Code Example (Java):

public class AverageCalculator {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      double score1 = 85.5;
      double score2 = 90.25;
      double score3 = 88.75;
      double score4 = 92.6;

      double average = (score1 + score2 + score3 + score4) / 4;

      System.out.println("The average score is: " + average);

In this example, we declare four variables (score1, score2, score3, and score4), and assign the respective scores to them.

We then calculate the average by adding all the scores together and dividing by the total number of scores (in this case, 4). The result is stored in the variable average.

The calculated average is then printed using the System.println() method.

By using the double data type, we can obtain a more precise average score, which is especially important when dealing with fractional values.

In conclusion, the double data type is a valuable tool when working with numbers that require high precision. It allows for more accurate calculations and is particularly useful in scientific and financial applications.

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