What Is the Type Certificate Data Sheet Number?


Heather Bennett

When it comes to aircraft certification, one important piece of information is the Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) number. The TCDS number is a unique identifier assigned to each type of aircraft that has been certified by aviation authorities such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States or the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Europe. It serves as a reference for regulatory purposes and contains vital information about the aircraft’s design, performance, and limitations.

The Purpose of the Type Certificate Data Sheet Number

The TCDS number serves several purposes within the aviation industry. It helps aircraft manufacturers, operators, and maintenance personnel access detailed information about a specific aircraft model quickly and easily. This includes technical specifications, operating limitations, approved modifications or repairs, and other relevant data necessary for safe and efficient operation.

Additionally, the TCDS number is used during various regulatory processes. For example, when an operator applies for an aircraft registration or modification approval, they must refer to the appropriate TCDS number to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. The TCDS also facilitates communication between aviation authorities and industry stakeholders.

Understanding the Type Certificate Data Sheet Number

The TCDS number consists of alphanumeric characters that provide specific information about an aircraft type. Let’s break down a typical TCDS number format:

  • Prefix: The prefix indicates the regulatory authority responsible for issuing the type certificate. For example:
    • EASA: European Union Aviation Safety Agency
    • FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
  • Type Designation: This part of the TCDS number represents a unique identifier assigned to a particular aircraft model by the manufacturer.

    It often consists of a combination of letters and numbers.

  • Revision Level: The revision level indicates any updates or changes made to the original TCDS. As aircraft designs evolve or modifications are approved, the revision level may change.

Let’s consider an example TCDS number: EASA.IM.A.001

  • The prefix “EASA” identifies that the type certificate has been issued by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.
  • The type designation “IM.A” represents a specific aircraft model.
  • The revision level “001” indicates the initial version of the TCDS.

Accessing Type Certificate Data Sheets

Type Certificate Data Sheets are publicly available and can be accessed through various means. Aviation authorities, such as the FAA or EASA, typically provide online databases where users can search for specific TCDS numbers or browse through different aircraft models to find the relevant information.

Aircraft manufacturers also maintain comprehensive libraries of TCDS documents, often accessible on their websites. These resources enable operators, maintenance personnel, and other industry professionals to access critical information about certified aircraft types easily.

In Conclusion

The Type Certificate Data Sheet number is a crucial piece of information within the aviation industry. It provides vital details about an aircraft type’s design, performance capabilities, and limitations. By referencing the appropriate TCDS number, aviation professionals can ensure compliance with regulations and access essential information necessary for safe and efficient operations.

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