What Is the Smallest Data Type Alteryx?


Scott Campbell

The smallest data type in Alteryx is the Boolean data type. In Alteryx, a Boolean data type represents a logical value that can be either true or false. This data type is commonly used in conditional expressions and logical operations.

Boolean Data Type

The Boolean data type is a fundamental data type in Alteryx, just like numbers or text. It is represented by the keywords true and false. The Boolean data type is often used to represent conditions or decisions in workflows.


The Boolean data type can be used in various scenarios, such as:

  • Filtering records based on a condition
  • Creating conditional statements in formulas and expressions
  • Controlling workflow branching using the ‘Filter’ tool or ‘Route Records’ tool

Example: Filtering Records

To illustrate the usage of the Boolean data type, let’s consider an example where we want to filter records based on a condition. Suppose we have a dataset containing sales information, and we want to filter out all the records where the sales amount is greater than $1,000.

In Alteryx, we can achieve this by using a Filter tool. We configure the Filter tool to use a formula that compares the sales amount with $1,000 using a greater than operator (>). The resulting output will only contain records where the condition evaluates to true.

The formula would look like this:

SalesAmount > 1000

In this case, if the sales amount is indeed greater than $1,000, it will evaluate to true (Boolean value), indicating that the record should be included in the output.

Boolean Operators

Alteryx provides several Boolean operators that can be used to perform logical operations on Boolean values. Some commonly used Boolean operators include:

  • AND: Returns true if both operands are true
  • OR: Returns true if at least one of the operands is true
  • NOT: Negates the value of a Boolean expression

These operators can be used to create complex conditions and expressions in Alteryx workflows.


The Boolean data type in Alteryx is a powerful tool for handling logical values and making decisions within workflows. By using this data type, you can filter records, create conditional statements, and control workflow branching based on specific conditions. Understanding how to use the Boolean data type and its associated operators will greatly enhance your ability to manipulate and analyze data in Alteryx.

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