What Is the Return Data Type of Math RINT?


Scott Campbell

What Is the Return Data Type of Math RINT?

The Math.rint() function is a built-in method in JavaScript that rounds a number to the nearest integer, using the “round half up” algorithm. It returns a value of type number, which is the default data type for numeric values in JavaScript.

Understanding Math RINT

The Math.rint() function works by rounding the given number to the nearest integer. If the decimal part of the number is less than 0.5, it rounds down to the nearest integer; if it is equal to or greater than 0.5, it rounds up to the nearest integer.



  • The decimal part (0.3) is less than 0.5, so it rounds down to 4.

Note: The Math.rint() function does not modify the original number; instead, it returns a new rounded value.

Data Type Returned by Math RINT

The return data type of Math.rint() is always a number, regardless of the input type provided.


typeof Math.rint(4)

  • The result will be “number” since 4 is already an integer and rounding has no effect.


typeof Math.rint("2")

  • The result will also be “number” since JavaScript automatically converts the string “2” to a number before rounding it.

Note: If the input provided to Math.rint() is not a number or cannot be converted to a number, it will return NaN (Not-a-Number).


The Math.rint() function is a useful tool in JavaScript for rounding numbers to the nearest integer. It returns a value of type number, ensuring consistency in data types. Understanding its behavior and return data type is important for accurate calculations and programming logic.

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