What Is the Point of Discord Server Boost?


Heather Bennett

Discord Server Boosting is a feature that allows users to support their favorite Discord servers by providing them with various benefits. It’s an excellent way for server owners and members to enhance the overall experience and encourage community growth. Let’s dive deeper into the point of Discord Server Boost and explore its perks.

What is Discord Server Boost?

Discord Server Boost is an exclusive feature available to Nitro subscribers. By boosting a server, users can unlock a variety of enhancements that can benefit both the server owner and its members.

The Perks of Discord Server Boosting

1. Improved Audio Quality:

Boosting a server allows for higher audio quality during voice chats, creating a more immersive and enjoyable communication experience. This is particularly beneficial for gaming communities where clear communication is crucial for teamwork.

2. Increased Upload Limit:

Server boosting provides an increased upload limit for all members, allowing them to share larger files, images, videos, and other media without worrying about size restrictions. This improvement promotes seamless content sharing within the community.

3. Customizable Server Banner:

The boosted server gains access to an eye-catching customizable banner that appears at the top of the channel list. This allows server owners to showcase their brand or community identity, making it more visually appealing and engaging.

4. Animated Server Icon:

A boosted server can also have an animated icon, adding another layer of personalization and uniqueness to stand out from other servers. This feature further enhances the server’s visual appeal and helps establish its identity.

5. Exclusive Badge:

Boosting a server grants users an exclusive badge, which is displayed next to their username in the member list and chat. This badge acts as a status symbol, showcasing their support for the community and recognizing their contribution.

6. Vanity URL:

A boosted server can set a custom, easy-to-remember URL for instant server access. This eliminates the need to remember complicated server invite codes, making it more convenient for both existing and potential members to join.

Boosting Level Tiers

Discord offers four boost levels that determine the number of perks a server can unlock based on the total number of boosts it receives. As more members boost a server, higher tiers are reached, unlocking additional benefits for everyone.

  • Level 1 Boost: Unlocks the basic perks mentioned above.
  • Level 2 Boost: Grants even more perks such as an extra emoji slot, increased audio quality, and a more prominent banner placement.
  • Level 3 Boost: Further enhances the server with additional audio quality improvements, animated server icon support, and increased upload limit.
  • Level 4 Boost: The highest tier that unlocks all possible perks available through Discord Server Boosting.

The Point of Discord Server Boost

In essence, the point of Discord Server Boost is to provide users with an opportunity to support their favorite servers while enjoying a range of beneficial features. By boosting servers, users not only contribute to the growth and development of communities they enjoy but also gain access to exclusive enhancements that enhance their overall experience on Discord.

If you’re an active member of a Discord community or own a server yourself, consider boosting it to unlock these perks and help create a more engaging and enjoyable environment for all members!

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