What Is the Number 1 Discord Server?


Scott Campbell

Discord is a popular communication platform used by millions of users around the world. Within Discord, there are countless servers for different communities, interests, and purposes.

Each server has its own unique features and characteristics that make it stand out. But what is the number one Discord server? Let’s find out!

The Number One Discord Server

When it comes to determining the number one Discord server, it’s important to note that there isn’t a definitive answer. The platform is constantly evolving and new servers emerge regularly. However, there are several highly regarded servers that have gained a significant following.

Gaming Servers

Gaming servers are undoubtedly some of the most popular on Discord. These servers cater to gamers from all walks of life, providing spaces for players to connect, strategize, and compete with each other.

  • Server 1: This gaming server focuses on first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. It has a thriving community with active voice channels for real-time communication during gameplay.
  • Server 2: If you’re into multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games such as League of Legends or Dota 2, this server is for you.

    It offers a place for players to discuss strategies, organize teams, and even participate in tournaments.

  • Server 3: For fans of role-playing games (RPGs), this server provides a space to explore virtual worlds together. Players can share tips and tricks, showcase their characters, and engage in immersive storytelling experiences.

Artistic Communities

Beyond gaming, there are also numerous Discord servers dedicated to various art forms. These communities bring together artists from different disciplines, allowing them to showcase their work, collaborate, and provide feedback.

  • Server A: This server focuses on traditional art such as painting and sketching. It offers channels for sharing artwork, discussing techniques, and hosting art challenges.
  • Server B: If you’re into digital art and graphic design, this server is a hub for creative minds.

    You can find resources, receive critique on your work, and even participate in design contests.

  • Server C: For musicians and music enthusiasts, this server provides a platform to share compositions, collaborate on projects, and discuss music theory. It’s a vibrant community that fosters creativity.


In the vast realm of Discord servers, it’s challenging to pinpoint the absolute number one. However, gaming servers like Server 1 and Server 2 have gained immense popularity among gamers worldwide.

On the other hand, artistic communities like Server A and Server B offer invaluable spaces for artists to connect and grow. Ultimately, the number one Discord server depends on your interests and preferences. So go ahead and explore the vast array of servers available to find your own personal number one!

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